business loans

Access to lending is important to a successful small business, and Capital Community Bank is committed to investing in our local communities’ businesses. With a variety of loans and lines of credit, we have the resources your business needs to continue to grow and improve the Utah economy.

All of our loans offer competitive rates and flexible terms to match your business requirements.

Construction Loans

Since 1993, we have financed hundreds of home and business construction projects throughout Utah.

Commercial Loans

If you’re looking to establish or expand your facilities, we have business loan options to help you.

Professional Lines of Credit

Use this line of credit for extra cash in the short term or to bridge the gap between accounts receivable.

Equipment Loans

Replace or upgrade your equipment using this loan instead of burning through your excess cash.

Operating Lines of Credit

When you’re ready to increase production, our operating line of credit provides funds without jeopardizing your financial future.

Contact one of our loan officers today so Capital Community Bank can help your business grow with the right loan.