business services

Customer service is what separates your business from the competition, and it’s what separates Capital Community Bank from other financial institutions.

Along with business checking, deposit and lending solutions, we offer additional services that make money management easy and more efficient. 

These services add significant value to your business relationship with Capital Community Bank.

Online Banking

Create your personal branch of Capital Community Bank by managing your account from your office or home.

Bill Pay

Use our quick and secure online bill pay to set automatic payments so you never miss a bill.

Popmoney Small Business

Conduct all your small business invoicing and payment transactions from your primary business account. Move money seamlessly from your business's online banking. More »


This powerful personal finance manager lets you track expenses, create a budget, manage debt and more.


You can conduct surcharge-free transactions at thousands of ATMs around the country through the MoneyPass Network.

Direct Deposit

You can set up automatic transfers of  electronic checks into your account.

Official Checks

Order official Capital Community Bank checks in our branch locations or online through Harland Clarke.

Telephone Banking

Manage your money and your account anytime and anywhere using a touch-tone telephone.

Wire Transfers

We offer quick and secure money transfers to another account or another institution or business.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect your non-currency assets and valuable documents with one of our safe deposit boxes, which come in various sizes.

Notary Public Services

Capital Community Bank provides services for our customers who need documents acknowledged and authenticated. 

Night Drop Deposits

When our branches are closed, you can submit your deposits safely and securely in our drop box.

Contact us today to learn more about the multiple services we provide our business customers.